Martegani was born in 1891 from Piero Martegani who was a fur trader.

He loved his job very much but he loved the world of footwear even more, so much so that in 1891 he had the opportunity to take over a company in Legnano together with some partners and from here he began his journey in the world of footwear.

Martegani over time, with great efforts and sacrifices, created what is now synonymous with luxury shoes, handmade, made in Italy.

The Court family

The history of the Corti family intersects at a certain point
point with the story of Martegani.
Mario and Silvio Corti in the 50's opened a small artisan production factory of footwear and dedicated
all their time to the perfecting of the manufacture.

Mario Corti's sons, Aldo and Giancarlo, in the 90s began to produce and distribute Martegani shoes until in the 2000s they decided to
take over the brand. The passion and love for this work closely united the family
Corti and despite the problems faced in the last twenty years they produce
still footwear only thanks to their passion.

The new generation

Giancarlo Corti manages to pass on his passion to his daughter Nicole, who since childhood enjoyed going down to the factory alongside her father to make shoes for her dolls with leather scraps. To date, after having supported studies in design and modeling, he decides to join the company and to give an innovative and modern turn to honor the memory of his family and the centennial history of Martegani.

Nicole gives her name to the Nicole Corti women's bridal and ceremony line.

Every shoe produced in the factory
Martegani is produced with the love and attention necessary to make each one unique

Martegani today is synonymous with shoes
luxury, handmade, made in Italy.

Martegani stands out for the care of the leathers, the extreme attention to quality , the historical artisan experience and the courage to experiment. His footwear merges languages ​​and styles, tradition and innovation , in a constant reinterpretation of the raw material, leather , with avant-garde shapes.


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